Career Counseling

Unemployed? Underemployed? Looking for a new career?

SouthEast Vocational Experts provides career planning to help facilitate the development of talented employees. We can provide counselling for mid-career changes or “plateaued” employees. We also help older workers prepared for the transition into retirement. We provide a variety of vocational aptitude and interest assessments to help clients make informed decisions. We provide outplacement services to large and small organizations. We can and will make a difference! How may we help you?

Trying to decide on a career?

Don’t know which path to take?

We are qualified to administer and interpret some of the most popular achievement, aptitude and interest assessments in the world. These include the  Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory® (SII), and Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT3).  This is just a short list of testing we can provide.

In addition to administering these tools, we can provide objectivity, which is so important when making such significant decisions
What is career counselling? 

Career Counselling refers to an individual or group process which emphasizes self-awareness and understanding, and facilitates people to develop a satisfying and meaningful life/work direction as a basis to guide learning, work and transition decisions, as well as to manage responses to changing work and learning environments over the lifespan.


IDEA Transitional Evaluations 2